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3 Upgrades That Bring Instant Value To Your Home

Today, in this ever-evolving Colorado real estate market, the condition of your home is a huge factor. The state of your home not only dictates the price of your home, but it also dictates the number of days your house will remain on the market. When preparing your home for sale, focus on upgrades that will add actual value to the property.

Every house is different in terms of age and condition, but there are three universal aspects of your home that drive value and where you initially would want to focus your upgrade investment.

  1. Neutral Color - In order to appeal to a larger audience, paint your home with a neutral palate. Bright and flashy designs do not appeal to everyone, making it harder for people to see themselves in the house. Therefore, stay away from the fluorescent pinks and the lime greens.

  2. New Flooring - Old carpet can make a room look and smell unappealing to potential buyers. See if there are hardwood floors underneath that old carpet that can be displayed instead. If not, replacing old carpeting with new hardwood floors would be a wise investment.

  3. Functional Appliances - Make sure everything is functioning in the home as intended. Whether it is an air conditioner, a dishwasher, or a bathroom sink, it is a big turn-off to potential buyers to have things not working correctly when they are making a significant investment in a home. You don’t want these items to be a distraction from the value of your home.


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