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Hi! I'm Shangela! Chadwick says I'm his furry, four-legged, assistant. But, let's be real - I  run this show! 


Did you know that nearly 70% of Colorado residents have pets?  That’s why I use my furry appeal to help you market your property.  People often ask me what breed I am. Knowing that I am a pure mutt, I simply say “100% Diva!”  My doggie collars are all handmade and studded with Swarovski crystals. Like I said - I run this gig.


I often will come with you to showings, be part of open houses, and am all-a-round in charge of making Chadwick look gooooooood. My preferred post during meetings and events is in your lap.  


If I know you have found your dream home or if your home has a buyer come in the door,  I usually do my happy dance – which includes chasing my tail 3 times clockwise and then three times in the reverse direction.  


If you have a furry friend, they will get professional advice about how well the neighborhood and home will meet my furry friend's needs.  I love anything furry, such as cats or if you even if you have a pet deer.  


Behind the glitzy glam, I come from a humble background.  At the age of 12 weeks, I was just a few hours from being euthanized in Texas until a shelter in Colorado rescued me.  Chadwick and I have dedicated Denver Real Estate Professionals to create awareness of our furry friends who are in need of rescue.  We also dedicate much time, resources and host a biannual Yappy Hour to donate money to our preferred rescue shelters in Denver.  


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