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Has Your House Been On the Market 60+ Days? No Need To Panic.

After about sixty days with your house on the market and no credible offers, sellers often get nervous about being able to sell their house. This is not a time to panic but do some serious reevaluation with your realtor. In this reevaluation, accept the things you cannot control and make a plan for the things that you can.

Things you can’t control:

  • Location: Some locations are more desirable than others. It is important to know if your neighborhood and the interest that your location brings, accept it, and plan accordingly.

  • Real Estate Market: The Colorado real estate market has cooled since the hot summer market and the holiday season is traditionally a tough time to sell a home.

Things you can control:

  • Condition of your home: Home repairs and remodeling can be an investment. Generally, projects fixing or updating infrastructure, the kitchen, storage, and lighting add value to your home.

  • Pricing: Take into account the location of your home, the Colorado real estate trends, and the condition of your home in order to price your home in a way that will be approachable for a buyer.

If the house simply is not selling and if you can afford it, you do have the option to rescind your property listing and relist it in the spring. Springtime is selling season, and there are simply more buyers looking for homes. Also, when you relist your home, you will be starting your listing at 0 days on the market and will not have the drag of having your house on the market for a large number of days. You and your home can begin a fresh start.

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