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Buying a Home During the Holidays Creates Unique Opportunities

If you are wanting to buy a new home, the holiday season is actually a good time to look for a new home for two reasons. The first reason is that there is less competition. A lot of people put searching for a new home on hold as they celebrate the season. The second reason is that listing a home and going through showings during the holiday season is a hard thing to do, so a majority of the time, sellers are eager to get a deal done during the holiday.

So with less competition and eager sellers, you want to strategize and prepare to find that home of your dreams. Here are three things that will help you get one step ahead in finding and securing that home during the holidays.

  1. Get prequalified: A prequalification letter takes 2-3 days, and it lets the seller know that you are a real possibility to buy their home.

  2. Communicate with your realtor: Ensure your agent knows what you are looking for - number of bedrooms, location, size, etc. That way, your agent can be on alert when a new property with your desired criteria is listed.

  3. Get the MLS feed daily: Review the new listings at 8 am every day to ensure you are one of the first to know when your dream home hits the market.


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