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3 Tips To Relieve Anxiety When Listing Your Home Over The Holidays

The holidays are upon us — a season of goodwill, cheer, and STRESS. Let’s be honest. Listing your home during this time can compound an already stressful event, but there are ways to minimize some of the pressures of selling a home during the holiday season.

Tip #1: Work with your agent to create a set home showing schedule. Create windows of time to have the house available for showing, and then you can plan family events and holiday activities around those times. This way, you do not have to wonder whether time with your family will be spoiled or interrupted by a last-minute showing.

Tip #2: Keep decorations to a minimum. To appeal to a broad number of people, you need to de-personalize your home. By only lightly decorating your home, you highlight the house for potential buyers to see themselves living in it all year round.

Tip #3: Plan holiday festivities elsewhere. Hosting holiday events is stressful, but even more so when you constantly have to worry about the condition and cleanliness of your home. When selling your home, the best way to relieve this stress is to go somewhere else. Family and friends understand your situation and are often happy to host. Or you may find a new holiday tradition at a new venue, like a favorite restaurant.


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