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Exciting Denver Real Estate Professionals Updates!

Shangela and I are beaming with pride over our latest news. First, Denver Real Estate Professionals relocated its office to Denver’s iconic Darth Vadar building 4100 E. Mississippi Ave, Suite 420, Denver, CO. This more accessible space puts us in the heart of Denver and allows us to better serve all your real estate needs.

Last, but not least, we re-launched Chadwick’s Real Tips! My furry assistant Shangela and I are dishing out new and exciting professional tips on buying and selling a home. We try to make Chadwicks Real Tips fun, relevant, and always informative. Topics will include: how to prepare your home for market, what you need to know when buying a new build home, selecting the best offer on your home, and much, much more. Be sure to return here every Wednesday to see each week’s new Chadwicks Real Tips video.

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