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Before Listing Your Home - Complete These 4 Crucial Tasks

Before Listing Your Home - Complete These 4 Crucial Tasks

If you are considering selling your home in this seller’s market, there are 4 top things you need to consider before listing your home.

1) Complete a pre-inspection on your home - Yes, they will inspect your home when you are under contract. Still, to save yourself from any shock or embarrassment, you want to learn about any latent defects beforehand. The sooner you know about possible defects, the better you can manage them.

2) Fix health and safety items - Even in a seller’s market, many contracts come back due to critical issues involving big-ticket items like the roof, sewer lines, electrical items, and HVAC. These items need to be addressed before going to market, and if you can fix them, it's advantageous

3) Complete remodels that add value - Finishing the coy pond in the backyard may be pretty but is not likely to add value to your home. However, upgrading that avocado green bathroom from the1960s will increase the home value and improve the overall showing of your home.

4) Invest in professional staging - Research shows that homes with professional staging receive higher offers and sell more quickly. The proper staging can add a tremendous value to your home, and it can pay for the cost of the service tenfold.

To recap, conduct a pre-inspection, tackle health and safety items immediately, finish remodeling projects that will strategically increase your home value, and invest in professional staging. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at


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