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Thinking about selling? Shangela and I have some tips you should consider!

Recently Sold: Beautiful, Charming Updated Bungalow In Desirable Berkley Neighborhood

This week we would like to celebrate the closing of our latest listing in the heart of the Berkley Neighborhood. A charming, completely updated 3 bed, 2 bath Bungalow home featuring many Denver's iconic old-world charm from the 1920's. This home is located just blocks from the popular Tennyson Street featuring trendy shops and restaurants.

Thinking about selling your property? Not sure how to start the process?

Shangela, my furry assistant, and I

make the process stress free. Not to mention, Denver's current strong Sellers Market will give you an extra boost in price and more cash in your pocket at closing. Here are services we provide and highly recommend - all of which are designed to increase your net proceeds at the closing table.

1. Perform a "pre-inspection" by a well qualified home inspector before going to market. We are also happy to cover the cost for you!

As homeowners, we take pride of our home and the improvements we made over the years. No homeowner likes to learn that there may be some items needing repair, especially while under contract. That's why Shangela and I recommend coordinating a pre-home inspection, so there are no surprises! As homes age and particularly older homes, you may need to address some repairs especially pertaining to health and safety (and yes some can be costly) such as the need for a radon mitigation system, maybe a new roof, or a sewer line repair. BUT NEVER FEAR - By addressing these items prior to listing your home will give you peace of mind and also potentially add value to your home. Yes, that means you may very well be able to recuperate your repair costs with a higher listing price!

2. We coach you through the process of transforming your home to appeal to the masses

Our rule of thumb is "If you can't make $2 for every $1 spent, the project isn't worth it." You may have a list of unfinished projects such a remodeling the bathroom, kitchen, or having luxury custom window treatments installed. Remember that the current Denver Real Estate market is in YOUR favor, so you probably won't need to sell the family farm to remodel your home! Furthermore, we will help you prioritize home improvement projects and/or repairs that will ultimately yield a higher rate of return at the closing table. We welcome the challenge of working within limited budgets. Um, did I say "Champagne taste on a beer budget?"

3. You don't need to worry about finding trustworthy, affordable contractors, we have them!

We have a great team of professional contractors that can handle any challenge. Whether it is as simple as a fresh coat of paint, remodeling a kitchen, removing a potentially hazardous dead tree, or something more involved such as fixing your basement foundation - we have the right people for you!

4. Let us manage any renovations, repairs, or improvements for you!

You don't need to worry about supervising the projects from start to finish. We got you! Not only do we have a team of professionals, but we will surpervise the project to a successful completion!

5. Give your home the final professional touch with our staging services at no extra charge to you!

Research shows that professionally staging a home, not only helps you get under contract more quickly, but ultimately helps your home sell for more money. Why? Professional Staging makes a home look its best. We study the style and floorplan of your home and foster its integrity with the appropriate, hand selected furniture and artwork. Is your home built in the 1950's - let's do Mid-Century Modern! How about a luxury home built within the last few decades? We can add the right amount of zest and flair to give your home its own voice and character! As long as our listing commission is not discounted, we will gladly include professional staging in our fee at no extra cost!

Denver's extreme Sellers Market is roaring forward, but Sellers don't be fooled! The more prepared you are before going to market, the easier and more lucrative your home sale will be!

Thinking about selling your home? Contact Shangela and I, and let's have a conversation about how we can achieve YOUR goals!

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