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Rescue Dogs and Real Estate: Every Furbaby Deserves A Good Home!

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Denver Real Estate Professionals Asks Viewers to Pledge Their Support For Colorado Miniature Schnauzer Rescue - A Noble Cause!

We are honored to welcome #ColoradoMiniatureSchauzerRescue (also known as Vintage Dog Rescue) to this week on #ChadwicksRealTips as Founder Susan Lummanick and Co-Founder Susan Liddle tell us the heartfelt story how this rescue came to fruition nearly 20 years ago!

"It all began with a collaborative effort to shut down a local Colorado puppy mill and two of my rescues happened to be Miniature Schnauzers. From that point on, the Furbaby Hotel out of my personal residence began..." Founder Susan Lummanick gently sighs out of reminiscent joy. Since then, the formerly known Vintage Dog Rescue evolved into the large entity it is today known as Colorado Miniature Schnauzer Rescue. Their love and passion for helping dogs in need has inspired thousands of human hearts both locally and stretching well beyond Colorado’s borders with a following of over five thousand of furry friendly supporters.

What Kind Of Dogs Do They Rescue?

Although the name Colorado Miniature Schnauzer Rescue may make you assume that they only offer Schnauzers, they actually specialize in medium to small dogs approximately 30lbs and under -including the breeds and mixed breeds of Poodle, Terriers, Maltese, Pomeranians, and many more! “We are an open door to any little furball of joy! States Lummanick, “We offer an inclusive environment where the little ones in need can find refuge.”

A Perfect Rescue to Find Senior Furbabies And The Young Ones Too!

Many of the senior rescues come from former owners who can no sadly no longer take care of their dog, may have had to go to assisted living, or passed. These Vintage Furbabies have lots of style -just check out their website and see how they get dressed up! There are many benefits to adopting a senior dog because many of them are well trained. Also, they sometimes have health issues – but never fear, Colorado Miniature Schnauzer makes sure that their senior dog’s medical conditions are identified and receive the medical care they need while being fostered!

We Love This Rescue Because Their Core Values Encompass A Dog's Well Being, Finding the Appropriate Home (Good Match), and use a Quality Holistic Fostering Model.

In the Dog Rescue Industry, there still tends to be quantity over quality. We were astonished by the care Colorado Miniature Schnauzer Rescue provides through their Foster Home Model. They take in rescues and foster them out of trained foster homes to understand the dogs needs, personality, and observe any medical conditions. Ultimately, this dog rescue aims to find the best home that will help these furbabies integrate back into human society. The rescues are carefully matched with potential new owners who go through a strict screening/qualification process before the adoption is final. In other words, this rescue makes sure that their dogs are finding the home that will support their emotional, physical and developmental needs. Very noble and probably the reason why this is one of Colorado's most established and oldest dog rescues! We love them!

Denver Real Estate Professionals is you to pledge your support by fostering, adopting, or donating to this noble cause! Even a $100 donation can support basic health needs for one dog. They are an official registered Colorado Non Profit - 401(c)(3). Please help us spread the furbaby love and donate to this noble Dog Rescue! Tax ID EIN #26-1321209

Facebook: @ColoradoMiniSchnauzerRescue

Tel: 303-478-4699

For more information visit:


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