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Denver Real Estate Professionals Furry Mascot Receives a Special Message From Her Superstar Idol

Our Furry Assistant and Mascot 'Shangela" received a heart-felt shout out from her role model and idol, Superstar Drag Queen "Shangela" who was a finalist on RuPaul's Drag Race on three different seasons and is considered to be the 'second most powerful Drag Queen' following RuPaul. Our furry assistant and rescue dog, Shangela was names after this gorgeous Icon in tribute to the actress's personality traits: resilience, loyalty, loving, accepting, dedicated, and hella-funny. These traits were what inspired us to found Denver Real Estate Professionals and are the founding morals and practice in which we engage in daily business. #Shangela #Shangelaonline #Chadwicksrealtips

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