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Title Companies De-Coded: Chadwick's REAL Tips Episode 6

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Featuring Cindy Cogan, Senior Escrow Officer

We are honored to have Senior Escrow Officer and branch manager Cindy Cogan with Heritage Title speak about all the great work that your title company does for you. In any real estate transaction, you typically have 4 major team players: your agent, your lender, your inspector, and your title escrow officer. What’s the difference? Watch to learn more!

To Recap:

  • Your title company makes sure you are buying or selling a property with a “clear title”

  • Your title company operates in escrow- that is, they handle the disbursement of payments related to your home, whether that is the payment of earnest money, payoff of mortgage from a sale, title insurance, real estate agent commissions, taxes, and HOA fees.

  • Your title company is working as a behind-the-scenes agent to ensure easy transactions for the big investment of buying or selling a home

We highly recommend Cindy Cogan and Heritage Title due to their high level of professionalism and attention to detail. You can contact Cindy Cogan directly at (720) 728-7209 or email

Thinking of buying or selling your own home? Shangela and I would love to answer your questions- book a free consultation today!

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