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Start Preparing For Spring Selling Season Now

Spring is near and the ideal time to turn 'thinking' about selling your home into action. Spring is selling season, and as there is an increase in people searching for homes, there also is an increase in homes being listed in your market. By preparing now, you can put your house on the market at the ideal time and in the ideal condition.

Start today with these 3 crucial tasks:

  • Do a pre-inspection - A pre-listing inspection will reveal any potential issues with your home so that you can proactively address them. It also assures potential buyers of your home's condition, which will help it stand out from the competition.

  • Declutter and make needed repairs - You want your home to be in its best selling condition to appeal to buyers. Inevitably, decluttering and making repairs always take longer than expected, so it is best to start these tasks early.

  • Make sure you have a good pricing strategy - A good pricing strategy is the best way to attract buyers, reduce the number of days your home is on market and get a higher price for your home. So it is essential to contact your realtor and discuss the best listing price for your home taking into account market conditions, home location, and condition of your home.


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