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How To Take Luxury Design To The Next Level In Your Home

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

True luxury isn’t about price, and it isn’t about rarity. It is about personal customization that creates a unique and enjoyable experience in your home. Another word for this is bespoke. Bespoke is not all about ‘the show.’ It is about the highest quality artisanship personalized to your wants and needs.

Bespoke craftsmanship is exemplified in the high-end designs of F/List. With tradesmen having years of experience passed on from generation to generation, F/List designs focus on the many details of manufacturing that define quality. The Colorado F/List Managing Director, Thomas Mayr explains, “The bespoke experience is about quality. We pride ourselves on craftsmanship beyond the surface.”

For further information about bespoke design in your home, please contact:

Thomas Mayr Managing Director F. LIST COLORADO LLC

6424 West 91st Avenue Westminster CO 80031 P +1 (720) 603 4961 M +1 (303) 727 0885 E


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