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Official Launch: The Real Estate Mortgage Hotline

Denver Real Estate Professionals and Westerra Credit Union Team Up To Launch A Free Informational Hotline to Provide Buyers and Sellers With The Right Information

Are you tired of the sales calls? Robotexts? Do you just want to get an honest answer about the real estate market and lending related questions? This is why John "JJ" Jeffrey, mortgage broker with Westerra Credit Union has teamed together with myself and Shangela to launch A REAL ESTATE AND MORTGAGE HOTLINE- 303-261-8033

Many of you viewers out there have expressed the need for a free informational resource in the Real Estate and Mortgage Industry to answer your questions without any sales pitch. Often times, many of you may feel nervous calling into a Real Estate or Mortgage Firm in fear that you will have to immediately sign up or purchase a product. This is exactly why JJ, Shangela and I are launching this hotline. We want to become your concierge as a resource of information while always placing YOUR interests first! Imagine that!?

Here are some common questions you may want answered:

Your Real Estate Related Questions

  • I want to list my home, but how can I maximize my profit?

  • I have heard about importance of staging my home, but what are the real benefits?

  • If I have some significant repairs that need to be done before selling my home, where can I find quality, trusted, affordable contractors to do the job?

  • I would like to fulfill my dream of becoming an investor. How do I start?

  • What are the types of homes that make 'good' investments?

  • I don't understand the inspection and appraisal processes. How does that work? How can I avoid the pitfalls?

  • Is it a good time to sell, buy, or hold a property?

Email Chadwick and Shangela for your Real Estate Related Questions:

Your Mortage Related Questions

  • Is it wise to refinance now? How would it benefit me?

  • If I refinance, can I pull cash out and use it to make home improvements?

  • What is the step by step process to become a first time homebuyer?

  • I want to pay off my loan sooner. How is that possible?

  • I would like to purchase an investment property. Can I afford it?

  • How much money can I save by debt consolidation refinance?

Email JJ for your Mortgage Related Questions:

This free service is a collaborative effort between Westerra Credit Union and Denver Real Estate Professionals to keep you informed with the RIGHT information!

Contact Chadwick and Shangela:

Contact JJ, Loan Officer, NMLS 201863:


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