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Home Sale Success: Alex

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Helping First-Time Homeowners Navigate the Denver Market

Hi- Chadwick here. I have to tell you: making my clients happy makes me even happier! I’m touched to have received this glowing and insightful review from first-time home-buyer Alex. Check out their thoughts on the home-buying process with Denver Real Estate Professionals:

Chadwick is the definition of a Real Estate Professional. He is ALSO the definition of a real estate and people enthusiast. He takes genuine joy in helping you make your dream home happen, and does so with poise, integrity, and dare I say- FUN.

We bought our first house with him and still months after closing it feels like he is part of the family. He strikes the perfect balance between casual friend and hired professional. Here are some of the things I loved about working with Chadwick:

1) He offered helpful ideas and suggestions when we had none.

2) He listened to our input and gave us unbiased pros and cons for whatever house we were looking at.

3) He was extremely knowledgeable about the different areas of Denver we were looking at, whether facts or feelings or neighborhood history.

4) He is extremely patient. I do not make decisions without agonizing and analyzing everything to death (something my husband loves to tease me about) and Chadwick not only tolerated this but processed with me.

5) He knows how to close a deal and get what his clients want. Several other offers were put in in the house we wanted. But the buyer went with ours because of how clear and well written our offer was. This was 100% Chadwick's doing.

6) He touched base at least once a week throughout the closing process. No question was "silly" or "too detailed." He went through every document with us step by step and word by word if that is what we wanted.

7) He prepared us for closing, and even drove us to the bank the day of when a hiccup occured (not his doing, but ours) and calmly waited with us, never making me feel like an idiot for our oversight nor showing any irritation that would have been justified.

8) He was at our house during move in day (over a month after closing) with well wishes and double-checking that everything was still what we wanted.

9) Months after moving he has still occasionally texted us to check on us (and I saw evidence that he does this with other clients as well), further showing he is a professional real estate and people enthusiast. If we need anything done related to our house, he has a personal relationship with someone to recommend, making home ownership and maintenance a breeze. When we find ourselves with real estate needs in the future, we will 100% be calling Denver Real Estate Professionals- as Chadwick has expertly laid the foundation for a lifelong partnership. -Alex #denverrealestateprofessionals

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