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In Life, Photography and Home Buying - It Is All About Perspective

Jenn Myers, a Colorado-based photographer specializing in editorial, product, and fine art photography, began her love of photography long before everyone walked around with a camera in her pocket. She dedicated herself to her craft, for as she explains, “I loved the idea that I could capture a moment in time and try to see the world from a different perspective.”

In art, in life, and even when buying a home, perspective is everything. By being able to see things in different ways, you allow yourself to open up to possibilities. When purchasing a home, just don’t visit homes. Look at them from different perspectives. Look beyond the current owner’s decor. Go beyond your home’s existing floor plan and open yourself up to something new. With a bit of a change of perspective, you create new opportunities.

For further information on Jenn Myers's artwork and photography, contact:

Jenn Myers Photography

Instagram: @jennmyersphoto

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