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Top 3 Ways To Get To Know Your New Neighborhood

After moving into a new home, getting to know the neighborhood can be daunting. But the quickest way to become part of your new community is to take the first step. By being a little proactive, you can be on your way to forming lifelong friendships and a helpful neighborhood support system.

  • Tip #1: Patronize local businesses - By visiting local coffee shops, restaurants, shops, and breweries, you can introduce yourself to the owners and patrons of these businesses, who are more than likely to be your neighbors. Also, local hot spots advertise the fun gatherings and events close by.

  • Tip #2: Utilize community resources - Local libraries, subdivision websites, and neighborhood apps are excellent ways to discover interesting places to visit that are unique to your neighborhood.

  • Tip #3: Host a neighborhood warming party - Inviting nearby neighbors to a casual get-together or backyard barbeque is a great way to introduce yourselves. Instead of meeting people in passing, a gathering allows you to have more in-depth conversations to find common interests and possibly make plans for an outing or a bite to eat.

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