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3 Tips To Improve Your Credit Score & Decrease Mortgage Rates

A good credit score makes buying a house more accessible and more affordable. Because your credit score shows your history of handling debt, high credit scores usually mean lower mortgage interest rates. But all is not lost if you currently have a low credit score. It can be improved! Andrew Nuntapreda, "The Credit Ninja" with Louviers Mortgage Group, LLC (NMLS 2080752), outlines three practical ways to improve your credit score.

  1. Pay your bills on time: Being on time in paying for bills for three months or more can help improve your score tremendously.

  2. Pay down credit balances. A best practice is to stay below 50% of your credit limit.

  3. Get added to a parent's older credit card as an authorized user: This instantly adds years to your credit history.

Don't ignore your credit score. Knowing your score and working to improve it will help you get that home of your dreams and save you money.

For further information about credit and credit scores, please contact:

Andrew Nuntapreda

NMLS 2080752


Louviers Mortgage Group, LLC ®


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