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Now Is A Great Time to Upsize Your Home

Has your family expanded to the point that you need a bigger home? Or can you finally pull the trigger and buy that luxury home of your dreams? Now is the time to do it. Today, demand remains high for homes with a mid to lower price point ($600K or less), but, at the same time, it is lagging for higher price point homes ($1 million+). This gives homeowners with low to mid-priced houses the opportunity to sell high and buy low for a home upgrade.

Megan Aller, Senior Data Analyst at 1st American Title, explains, “In the months of July, August, September, and October, you can take advantage of the change of demand in the market. If you are selling a mid-size home in high demand this time of year, you can get more for your dollar for a higher-priced home.” Aller continues, “This great negotiating power can get you some great seller concessions like a rate buy down or some repairs from the inspection resolution list.”

Take advantage of today's market demand, which usually ends after October. For more information on market data and house titles, please contact:

Megan Aller

First American Title - Greater Metro Denver

Phone: 720.229.6641


If you have any questions about selling or buying a home, don’t hesitate to contact Chadwick V.R. Williams at Denver Real Estate Professionals. We are happy to be a free resource for all your Colorado real estate needs.

Chadwick V. R. Williams, SRES, CRS, GRI, SRS, Luxury Certified

Broker | REALTOR® | Property Manager



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