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Being Pre-qualified for Home Loan Gets You One Step Closer to Owning a Home

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

The process of purchasing a new home can be overwhelming. Where do you start? One major step you can take is to get pre-qualified for a home mortgage. This process does two things. First, it gives you a general idea of how much you'll be approved for when it comes time for closing. This makes it easier to set a budget and helps you narrow down how much you should spend on a home. Secondly, once you place an offer on a home, being pre-qualified can boost your chances of the seller accepting it.

Mortgage pre-qualification can be a pretty straightforward process. Ian Jouett (NMLS #320263), President of Louvier Mortgage Group, LLC (NMLS #1013945), explains, “A trustworthy loan officer who is interested in your financial and personal goals can walk you through the pre-qualification process and get you one step closer to owning a home that fits your budget.”

  • Step 1: Have a conversation with your lender about goals, ideal monthly payments, and the amount you are able to pay as a downpayment.

  • Step 2: Fill out a 1003 or loan application. This will also involve a credit check.

  • Step 3: If needed, learn about improving your debt-to-loan ratio or downpayment assistance options.

It is important to ensure you are able to make the monthly mortgage payments. Jouett advises, “Only you truly know your financial situation. If you are uncomfortable with a monthly payment you qualify for, it is best to trust your instincts and go with something you feel is more manageable.”

For further information on home loans and mortgages, please contact:

Ian Jouett (NMLS #320263)

Louviers Mortgage Group, LLC

(NMLS #1013945)

Phone: (720) 851-1007


If you have any questions about selling or buying a home, don’t hesitate to contact Chadwick V.R. Williams at Denver Real Estate Professionals. We are happy to be a free resource for all your Colorado real estate needs.

Chadwick V. R. Williams, SRES, CRS, GRI, SRS, Luxury Certified

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