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How To Transform Your Design Ideas Into Reality

Everyone has an idea of the home of their dreams, but usually, this dream takes a little work for it to become a reality. Because every person’s interests, tastes, and needs differ, home customization is essential to execute a vision. So where to begin? Thomas Mayr, Colorado F/List Managing Director, explains, “ The best start to customization is for clients to have a clear vision of what they want.” Once a vision is realized, Mayr recommends these steps to make it come to fruition.

Step #1: The client brings a clear vision using reference photos or existing real estate examples.

Step #2: A sketch is created from the client's vision

Step #3: Client approves design, timeline, and budget

Step #4: Implementation - the client's dreams turn into reality

With a clear vision and following these simple communication steps, your home can attain the bespoke customization of your dreams.

For further information about customizing design in your home, please contact:

Thomas Mayr

Managing Director


6424 West 91st Avenue

Westminster CO 80031

P +1 (720) 603 4961

M +1 (303) 727 0885


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