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First Time Home Buyers A Home Gym is a Reality!

Whether you are a First Time Home Buyer or a Current Homeowner, a low budget, efficient gym is easy to make!

During this pandemic many first time home buyers and current home owners are pondering the ability to build your home gym, but worry about the space, cost, and materials needed. Going to the gym may not be a luxury you can afford or you feel comfortable with. In the meantime, what do you do to maintain your physical AND mental well-being? It’s maybe time to consider a small mini-home gym. This week we are honored to have Drew Vaughan, professional, licensed personal trainer with over 13 years experience, who explains to us how easy the process is! Here are some important tips to take into consideration before overspending on exercise equipment:

1. All you need is 100-150 sf.

This is actually smaller than a regular sized bedroom. Clear out some unwanted items in your two car garage and convert the corner into a mini gym! Maybe take your home office and clear enough space so that it can turn into a multipurpose space. As long as you can physically lay down flat on your back, you have enough room to do sit-ups, pushups or anything requiring the full length of your body. Space is often a luxury that many of us don’t have. So think “multi-space” and find a space in your home that you can find multiple uses for.

2. You don’t need to buy cardio equipment

Some of the best cardio exercises come from old school movements such as jumping jacks, squats, jumping rope, marching, also walking and running. Now ask yourself, “Do I really need that $2000 piece of cardio equipment?” Besides, you have been quarantined working inside your home all day! Seize the opportunity to take a long walk or light jog, get out of the house, and clear your mind!

3. $150 budget will get you the basics

Let’s face it, the goal is not to enter a body building competition. Drew recommends placing your focus on maintaining and building basic strength, endurance, and heart and lung capacity. This can be achieved by a few inexpensive items: exercise/stretch bands, small set of dumb bells (even up to 10lbs), weighted TRX balls, and an ab-mat. With many boutique gyms closing their doors, be sure to look on the local market for clearance sales such as Facebook Marketplace.

You can reach Drew Vaughan directly at should you need some help. Drew currently does personal training in your home and brings the equipment and program with him. I have had Drew come to our home to provide home training sessions and it is much more fulfilling than the gym! He comes well recommended!

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