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COVID-19 and the Denver Real Estate Market: Chadwick's REAL Tips Episode 2

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Featuring Vince Malara of Heritage Title Company

How is seasonality in the Denver Real Estate Market changing amidst COVID-19? We are pleased to welcome Data Guru, Vince Malara with Heritage Title Company gives us some insight into a market that can't be generalized in one simple statement. You have to dig deeper into the data to understand the REAL situation.

To Recap:

  • The Denver real estate market’s peak season is March-- since our statewide shutdown suppressed many listings during that time, we will see a flush of new listings and new buyers as businesses begin to open and state restrictions are lifted.

  • The market is currently steady and strong; tighter lending restrictions in the face of the current economic climate are leading to higher listing prices as well.

  • While COVID-19 has affected Denver’s peak real estate season and postponed a lot of market activity, seasonality in the market in general has been decreasing in prominence over the last few years. Expect home prices to remain similar throughout the year rather than ebb and flow with the seasons.

For more information reach out to the data guru Vince himself, email:

Curious about whether to buy or sell a home? Please click here for a free consultation!

See you next Wednesday for Episode 3!

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