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Great Artwork Defines a Home

Blank walls in a home can be perceived as unlived-in and sterile. Great artwork can help define what a house is or what it could be. Jenn Myers, a Colorado-based photographer specializing in editorial, product, and fine art photography, Artwork gives a home a color, an expression, art gives a home character."

When appropriately displayed, artwork can draw your eye to particular aspects of a home that you want to be accentuated. It can also draw attention away from certain elements of the home you would like less focus on. When picking artwork for staging a home, look for art that:

  • Fits the space

  • Is neutral and not offensive or overly dramatic

  • Compliments the neutral color scheme recommended for home staging,

  • Coordinates with the overall style of the home (contemporary, traditional, Mediterranean, post-modern, etc

For further information on Jenn Myers's artwork and photography, contact:

Jenn Myers Photography

Instagram: @jennmyersphoto

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